How to Make Sure Your Meat Is Quality

Are you an avid meat-eater? Do you love going to the butcher shop and getting prime-quality meats? MeatBone Market is the premier butcher shop in Georgia, offering the best quality meats in the Cummings area. We know how to make sure your meat is top quality, and we're here to tell you all about it! Continue reading to learn more and stop by our shop today!

Fresh meat


One of the most important aspects of quality meat is its color and marbling. For beef, the color should be a deep red, and the marbling should be white or light-colored. For chicken, the color should be white with no yellow spots. And pork should be reddish pink with some marbling throughout. At MeatBone Market, we only carry the highest quality meats with optimal color and marbling!

Testing firmness of meat


The next sign of quality meat is its firmness. If you press down on the surface of the meat and it springs back up, that means it's fresh and full of nutrients. However, if the meat feels mushy or leaves an imprint when you touch it, that means it's not as fresh and might not be as flavorful. Whether you're on the hunt for a boneless ribeye or T-bone steak, MeatBone Market is guaranteed to have the firmest, freshest meats in town!

Beef rolled in a ball


Another way to tell if meat is high-quality is by smelling it. Fresh meat will have a slightly sweet smell or no smell at all, while bad meat will have a sour smell. If you need of some guidance, ask one of our butchers at MeatBone Market and they'll be more than happy to help you out!

Meat slabs

Lack of Moisture

Quality meat should also be relatively dry to the touch. If there's too much moisture on the surface of the meat, that means it's not very fresh and may not taste as good. At MeatBone Market, we make sure all of our meats are dry and ready to cook!

Now, you can go to the butcher shop with confidence, knowing how to make sure your meat is quality! At MeatBone Market, our meats are always fresh, flavorful, and perfect for any occasion. Stop by MeatBone Market today and get the best prime quality meats in town!